Strategic Partners

Independent Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada

The IDRC is SCAP’s funder and primary research partner. The IDRC supports applied research in developing countries to promote growth and development and works with researchers and innovators in those countries to find practical, long-term solutions to the social, economic, and environmental problems their societies face.

Within the IDRC’s current strategic framework, SCAP falls under the Information and Networks initiative (I&N), as part of the Innovation and Science Programme.

I&N’s goal is to enable greater understanding of how information networks positively and negatively affect developing countries’ citizens, especially those belonging to marginalised communities. The program will catalyse positive digital transformations, particularly in the thematic areas of creative industries, governance, learning, and science.

Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA)

SARUA is a regional leader in adopting effective and open access scholarly publication as one of its central goals and has adopted a Flight Plan for Open Knowledge in the Southern African region. SARUA was formative in the inception of SCAP at scoping/proposal phase and CEO Piyusho Kotecha serves on SCAP’s Advisory Panel. This relationship provides an opportunity for the findings of the research interventions to gain exposure in a regional forum, with the attendant possibilities for influencing policy development.

Centre for Educational Technology, UCT

The Centre for Educational Technology (CET) suppports the use of educational technology for teaching and learning and works in partnership with university communities to enable, promote and investigate the integration of learning technologies in teaching and learning in higher education. CET is an affiliate of the international Sakai Foundation and is responsible for maintaining and providing support around UCT’s learning management system, Vula. It is also home to UCT’s OpenContent directory for sharing open educational resources.