Advisory Panel

The SCAP Advisory Panel, comprised of global leaders in their respective fields, provides oversight and guidance on the content and progress of SCAP and reviews and informs implementation strategies and delivery. It reviews progress reports and outputs, advising the team and our donor partner, the IDRC, on the quality of the research process. Members are as follows:

Tony Carr

Tony Carr is the Acting Director of the Centre for Educational Technology at UCT. His passions include online and blended facilitation of learning communities and researching online learning conversations. In a previous life Tony worked for several years as an Economics and Business educator in South Africa and the United Kingdom. His qualifications include a Masters in Economics Education from the Institute of Education, University of London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Continuing Education and Training from City University in the United Kingdom. He brings considerable expertise in the area of Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) and insight around higher education activity systems.

Leslie Chan
Leslie Chan is Program Supervisor for the Joint Program in New Media Studies and the International Development Studies programme at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. Since 2000, he has served as the Associate Director of Bioline International, a non-profit international electronic publishing collaboration with the main objective of improving the visibility and impact of health and other scientific journals from developing countries. He has a long-standing interest in the use of information technology to support teaching, learning and research, as well as a commitment to engage in new modes of scholarly publishing and communications, human capacity building and international co-operation.

Laura Czerniewicz
Laura Czerniewicz

An educator in multiple spheres all her life, Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz has worked in the field of educational technology at the University of Cape Town for over a decade, previously working in publishing in Zimbabwe and South Africa. The recent Director of the Centre for Educational Technology, she now takes up the position of Director OpenUCT leading the university's initiative to open up its knowledge resources to all with internet connectivity and engage in the open education agenda from a Southern perspective. Her research interests include open education, students' digitally-mediated practices, digital identities and the field of learning technology as a scholarly domain.

Piyushi Kotecha
Piyushi Kotecha is CEO of the Southern African Regional Universities Association (SARUA) at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Her contribution is increasingly recognised in key continental and international higher education development circles. Previously, she was the driving force in the transformation of the South African Universities Vice-Chancellors Association (SAUVCA) as well as in the inception of Higher Education South Africa (HESA).

Sten Ludvigsen
Sten Ludvigsen is the former Director of InterMedia at the University of Oslo and a leading international expert in cultural historical activity theory (CHAT), SCAP’s adopted methodological approach. Sten has a background in educational sciences (education psychology) and has specialised in research on how to use digital learning resources and the relationship between co-located and distributed settings, in the educational sector and in workplace settings. His research interests include learning, socio-cultural perspectives, qualitative methodolology and theory of science.

Cameron Neylon
Cameron Neylon is a biophysicist and well known advocate of opening up the process of research. He is a co-author of the Panton Principles for open data in science, founding Editor in Chief of Open Research Computation, as well as being an academic editor for PLoS ONE. He speaks regularly on issues of Open Science including Open Access publication, Open Data, and Open Source as well as the wider technical and social issues of applying the opportunities the internet brings to the practice of science. He was named as a SPARC Innovator in July 2010 and is a proud recipient of the Blue Obelisk for contributions to open data. He writes regularly at his blog, Science in the Open.

Alma Swan
Alma Swan is a consultant working in the field of scholarly communication. She is a director of Key Perspectives Ltd and holds honorary academic positions in the University of Southampton School of Electronics & Computer Science and the University of Warwick Business School. She is Convenor for Enabling Open Scholarship, the global organisation of universities promoting the principles of open scholarship in the academic community, and an elected member of the Governing Board of Euroscience (the European Association for the Promotion of Science & Technology).